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Hydroflex Women's 3mm

By AquaLung

The HydroFlex 3mm jumpsuit keeps you looking sharp with our fashion-forward, colorful plaid and tweed designs. The super-stretch neoprene makes donning and doffing a snap and with flatlock stitching and a back zipper water shield, you’ll enjoy style, comfort and warmth on every dive.


  • Thickness 3mm
  • Neoprene Super-Stretch (3mm)
  • Zipper Heavy Duty #10
  • Knee Pads Screened Rubber
  • Seams Flatlock


  • 3mm super-stretch neoprene
  • Hook and loop adjustable neck
  • Heavy duty #10 zipper
  • Flatlock stitch for comfort
  • Back zipper water shield
  • Durable knee pads for added comfort
  • Skin out chest for wind resistance