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NuCanoe In the Beginning…

NuCanoe is a company with a history deep in the kayaking world. Tim Niemer, founder of Ocean Kayak, had a dream of putting almost everyone in a boat.  He had a vision of a small manageable boat that would allow people to fish, hunt, row, dive, crab, paddle, or just relax, all on a variety of water. He knew there could be a unique “boat” where the learning curve was so low that it would allow virtually anyone to buy it and head straight for the water.

In 2006 Tim guided the creation of the very first NuCanoe. Later that same year he partnered with Blake Young, the current owner, to start NuCanoe, Inc. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The NuCanoe Frontier started a new class of kayak known as the Hybrid. Somewhere between old school canoe with all its glorious open deck and the rough and tumble, lightweight kayak, the NuCanoe hits the sweet spot of both. Its open hull design offers incredible versatility and storage married with a practically unsinkable, revolutionary heavy duty kayak design.

Saying the NuCanoe Frontier took the kayaking world by storm would be an understatement.

Flash forward to 2015 and NuCanoe did it again. This time they took aim at the modern fishing angler and their unique needs. Start with the NuCanoe know how and add the thoughts, hopes and dreams of fishermen (and women!) everywhere. Thus was born the NuCanoe Pursuit. Once again, NuCanoe and team “Blake” revolutionize the sport. Take a look at the info here on the website by clicking on the pictures below, then head over to West Coast Kayaks & Paddle Boards and sit in both NuCanoes. You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.

Today NuCanoe has branched out even further, giving you even more versatility by addng a Honda Motor to their setup!! Check out the Video below:



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